Shop for Ecostyrocrete products here.



Shop for Ecostyrocrete products here.

Ecostyrocrete™ has been developed by Greenwood’s Ecohabitats and designed into a range of eco-friendly nest and roost boxes. The two main ingredients – cement and recycled polystyrene (EPS), are known for their durability and insulating properties and, when mixed together, the designs provide a draught proof, waterproof and stable environment inside the box.

Around 80% of the box is made from recycled polystyrene and coloured using pigments.

The used supply of polystyrene is sourced locally from Fleetwood Docks, where otherwise it would have gone to landfill.  It’s then cleaned, shredded and mixed with cement before moulding into homes for wildlife. The mould’s the limit in terms of how the box can look. Get in touch if you have a bespoke need.



Lancaster University’s Engineering Department conducted a short study in 2013, testing the material in a range of experiments.  They reported;


                             “Throughout the testing, Ecostyrocrete™ has performed well as

                             A habitat material.  Also worth considering are the advantages of

                             Ecostyrocrete™ which have not been discussed, such as its resistance

                             to cracking under impact, its lightness and its ability to float on water.”


In 2016, another short project by Engineering students was conducted, this time to assess its floating

abilities for use as a wading platform.  Favourable conclusions were drawn.



Ecostyrocrete™ boxes are individually and carefully handcrafted and the cement curing process strictly followed.  There remains, however the possibility with cement products that efflorescence can occur.  If it does, this is a temporary effect of the evaporating salts and in no way impacts the structure of the box.